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Welcome to Coastal Rebuilders!

Since opening our shop in 1976, Coastal Rebuilders has been home to the best auto repair experts in Wilmington, North Carolina. Family owned and operated, our team of technicians will be able to provide your car with the care it needs so you can continue to enjoy your life.

Over 40 years of auto repair experience in Wilmington, NC has helped our shop evolve. It’s given our ASE Certified technicians experience in a variety of different scenarios and has provided us with valuable experience. Our team is confident that we’ll be able to help your vehicle, regardless of make or model. Though we specialize in electrical systems, we still offer a number of services which include but are not limited to preventative maintenance, brake replacements, hybrid repair, and electrical diagnostics. We also administer the North Carolina State Inspection so you can get your vehicle registered and safely back on the road!

Car Committed, Customer Focused

We understand that there has been a growing distrust between auto repair shops and their customers. Shops haven’t been able to meet the standards that their customers have set, and it’s hurt our industry. The Coastal Rebuilders team is here to buck that trend, and we’re doing it through a commitment to our team.

An up-to-date understanding of our industry has played an important role in our success as a business. Along with ALL of our technicians being ASE Certified, they also take classes with brands like Napa and Motorcraft so they can continue training and gaining the experience needed. We then challenge their knowledge as our shop accepts all makes and models. By doing this, we ensure we’re getting the best out of our technicians so they can give their best to you. We take our education seriously because we know how important your car is to your life.

Not only do we value expertise, but we also value an individual’s ability to be personable. We look for people who value the importance of a strong relationship, and that’s what you’ll find at our shop. Our team not only cares about your vehicle, they care about you and your time with us. During your visit, we’ll walk you through each step of your repair and let you know exactly how much you’ll be paying. We’ll even provide you with some tips on how you can maintain your car post visit! No hidden costs, no unnecessary services, no return visits, because you should get what you asked for.

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Send us a message and one of our automotive professionals will respond to you shortly! If you’d like to make an appointment, please visit our schedule service page.